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The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy at the Centre For Creative Practices

Creative Entrepreneurs Academy

The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy is a social enterprise dedicated to helping Cultural and Creative Professionals, Organisations and Businesses to turn their creative ideas into thriving, sustainable projects and enterprises.

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for Cultural and Creative Professionals, Organisations and Businesses, helping our clients to master the unique forces at play at the intersection of culture, arts and commerce.

We believe that tailored business training is a critical element of every successful and sustainable creative career or project. Thus, we provide creative SMEs in Ireland and Europe with access to world-class business training and support in a way that they understand and that helps them to succeed.

Our services cover accessible business curricula, soft-skills training as well as hands-on support throughout the vulnerable stages of setting up and growing a creative business.

We are ambassadors for bringing together the two apparently incompatible spheres of business and creativity to create a vibrant, dynamic culture and economy that supports and promotes creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our aim is to improve the impact and profitability of Creative Freelancers and SME’s in Ireland and Europe through sector specific, practical, results-oriented and engaging business training, business consultancy and mentoring and support with writing funding proposals.

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The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy at the Centre For Creative Practices


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