We team creativity and entrepreneurship for impact and profitability!

We specialise in entrepreneurial training and provide business support for Cultural and Creative Professionals, Businesses and Organisations. 

Our programme includes accessible basic business curricula as well as hands-on support throughout the vulnerable stages of setting up and developing a business.

We also help our clients to identify and access local and European funding opportunities

Our aim is to improve the impact and profitability of Creative Freelancers and SME's through sector specific, practical, results-oriented and engaging entrepreneurial training, coaching and support in accessing funding.

We believe that tailored Entrepreneurial training is a critical element of every successful and sustainable creative career. We are ambassadors for bringing together the two apparently incompatible spheres of business and creativity to create a vibrant, dynamic culture and economy that supports and promotes creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our aim is to increase the number of creative small businesses in Ireland and Europe and provide them with access to world-class business advice and support in a way that they understand and that will help them succeed.

Our Services:

Entrepreneurial Training


We train Creative Entrepreneurs how to START, DEVELOP and successfully RUN creative businesses. We help Creatives to identify what makes them DIFFERENT and NEEDED to increase their profitability and impact. We strongly believe in EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING which means learning by doing with less theory.

Coaching & Mentoring


Our Coaching and Mentoring services will provide you with EXPERIENCED, INDEPENDENT and PRACTICAL support, in an affordable and convenient way, helping you to find solutions that work for your creative business and allow you to make progress faster and with more focus than you could on your own. 

Accessing Funding


We have 16 years of experience in writing and evaluating of successful grant proposals for a myriad of Irish and European funding schemes. We have also access to all grant databases in Ireland and in the EU.

Upcoming Events:

Creative Entrepreneurs Intensive Bootcamp

Wicklow: 8 - 10 June 2017

Early Bird: €200
Standard: €275

This 2.5-day Creative Entrepreneurs Training Bootcamp has been especially designed for Creative Professionals who want to increase their profitability, impact and satisfaction setting up, running or further developing their own creative business.

Covering all aspects critical for a successful small business, be it business model development, defining your competitive advantage, unique selling point, value proposition, long term business goals and many more, participants you will build a practical and comprehensive business development strategy that will provide a blueprint for your future.

Expect a dynamic and productive individualised training experience based learning, a lot of feedback and group interaction with a small group of likeminded creative entrepreneurs always happy to help.

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Developing Your Creative Career

July 2017
September 2017
November 2017

Early Bird: €150
Standard: €250

Whether you are a graduate, or looking to develop your creative career this course will give you clarity, focus and a roadmap to work from. During the course we ​will look at your purpose,​ ​your niche,​ ​your dream job or career position​ ​and identify​ the steps you need to take to reach your goal.

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Value Proposition Design

1 day workshop
Dublin: 29 May 2017
Cork: 18 September 2017
Galway: 9 October 2017
Belfast: 27 November 2017

Early Bird: €85
Standard: €125

What is the value that you give? What makes you unique in your field? Identifying these can be the difference between success and failure for your creative business. In this one day workshop we will scope out your value propositions and your purpose allowing you to plan more efficiently for success.

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Creative Business Model Development

1 day workshop
Galway: 17 July 2017
Belfast: 25 September 2017
Dublin: 23 October 2017
Cork: 13 November 2017

Early Bird: €85
Standard: €125

The workshop will help you to answer all your strategic questions and to define the backbone of your creative business. It helps you to prepare a smart plan for the short, medium and also the long term perspective of your creative business.

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