Developing Your Creative Career

Are you studying for a degree in the Creative Industries or have you been working as a freelancer / contractor in them for a number of years? Have you thought about your career development, the path you need to take, the contacts and the timeline you feel comfortable working to? Then this online Develop Your Creative Career course is tailored just for you.

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Developing Your Creative Career

July 2017

This courses focuses on developing your creative career. It will look at understanding your purpose and passion; identifying your niche and looking at tools to help you refine your niche; as well as looking at what your dream job or career position is; we will look at the resources you have and the runway time against capacity; the steps you need to implement in order to reach your goal and the connections and people you need who can help you get to where you want.

We will be planning the strategy for development, growth and the necessary steps you can take to build a sustainable career.  This all takes place in an inspiring, creative and relaxed online environment!

We will spend really exciting time together online between the 1 and 31 May 2017 working on our Creative Career Canvas.

We will answer the 4 questions that every creative business needs to answer: Why – What – How – Who; We will look at your vision for the future and the value propositions that you are basing your creative business around but critically we will ask, who are you? why you do what you do, your motivation and much more…

The delivery will be online but what's different is that we will be there to work in partnership with all of the participants.  We will create outcomes together that we are both responsible for and we will be on-hand to help you via group and one-to-one online meetings, email support, webinars and mentoring. We will run the course over the 4 weeks with a group workshop once per week for 2 hours, a 1 hour group Hangout once per week for any group questions / feedback you might have and a 1 hour one-to-one online session with us each week.  So all in all you will get a minimum of 4 hours working with us per week plus a lot of videos, workbooks and assignments to complete each week that will really move your creative business forward.

The course works just was well for individuals as well as companies, however, because of the nature of the course we can only take 5 people at a time on the journey with us at this stage.  The price of the course will be €150 per person so if more than one person from your organisation would like to take part then you can.

We will also close the registration of interest on 24 April 2017 at 11.59pm GMT.

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