From the Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy


We believe that tailored, practical, result-oriented and engaging business training helps Creatives to create commercial opportunities for themselves and jobs for others.




Planning and working out the backbone of your creative business is often make or brake and will save you mountains of frustration and disappointment.
Looking for practical business training for your staff then look no further than our transformative in-house entrepreneurial and business capacity building training.  We can deliver tailored intensive training programmes to 1 day workshops based solely on a dedicated sector or business. We have worked with many creative and cultural organisations in Ireland, UK, Poland and Hungary and academic institutions in Ireland, UK and Hungary.
Are you a freelancer or SME working in the creative sector?  Do you need help with building a strategy for your business or your creative career but you don’t have the time to dedicate to attend training courses then we have the perfect solution for you with the Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy online courses. These are tutor led online courses giving you the same feel as attending a physical course but in an online environment.


Our entire training is based on EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING which means it’s mostly learning by doing with less theory.

We help creatives to identify what makes them both DIFFERENT and NECESSARY as these two well-defined increase their profitability and impact.

We teach Creatives how to plan and run successful creative business, how to create great value for their customers or audiences in their own, unique way, how to deliver work that people desire in a smart, creative and profitable way?

In all this we are not talking about selling out.

We are talking about selling your work as every other professional does without feeling guilty about it!



We use creative, practical tools like Business Model Canvas, Lean Methodology, Design Thinking to bring you fast and straight to the answers your need to get a clear picture what your creative business is about and how it should operate.


Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy Training Courses


Creative Entrepreneurs Intensive Training Programme

24 - 26 March 2017

Dublin, Ireland
Early Bird Price €200 till 17 March then €300

You know that feeling? You want to develop your creative or artistic practice and give it some structure. But there is never enough time or resources to focus on the business side of your practice. On the other hand it drives you mad that it doesn’t work as it could and should. You are not making enough sales, not getting enough contracts or you simply do not know how to start to build a sustainable creative career.

We have been there ourselves and know exactly how frustrating it can be. All we can recommend to you is to STOP, take 2.5 days out and join us for our intensive Creative Entrepreneurs Training Programme.

You will spend this time working on the business side of your creative practice. Together with you we will (re)define where you are right now with your creative business and where you want to be. You will formulate goals and steps to take with the primary focus on your specific creative niche.


Online Courses For Creative Entrepreneurs

Building a Strategy For Your Creative Business

April 2017

The courses focuses on starting, growing and sustaining your creative business – planning the strategy for development, growth and the necessary steps you can take to build a sustainable career.  This all takes place in an inspiring, creative and relaxed online environment!

We will spend really exciting time together online between the 1 and 30 April 2017 working on our Creative Business Model Canvas – the visual alternative to the boring business plan which we have developed and based on the business model canvas developed by Alex Osterwalder and the Lean Business Canvas developed by Ash Maurya.

We will answer the 4 questions that every creative business needs to answer: Why – What – How – Who; We will look at your vision for the future and the value propositions that you are basing your creative business around but critically we will ask, who are you? why you do what you do, your motivation and much more…

The delivery will be online but what's different is that we will be there to work in partnership with all of the participants.  We will create outcomes together that we are both responsible for and we will be on-hand to help you via group and one-to-one online meetings, email support, webinars and mentoring. We will run the course over the 4 weeks with a group workshop once per week for 2 hours, a 1 hour group Hangout once per week for any group questions / feedback you might have and a 1 hour one-to-one online session with us each week.  So all in all you will get a minimum of 4 hours working with us per week plus a lot of videos, workbooks and assignments to complete each week that will really move your creative business forward.

The course works just was well for individuals as well as companies, however, because of the nature of the course we can only take 5 people at a time on the journey with us at this stage.  The price of the course will be €250 per person so if more than one person from your organisation would like to take part then you can.

We will also close the registration of interest on Friday, 24 March 2017 at 11.59pm GMT.