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We specialise in entrepreneurial training and provide business support for Cultural and Creative Professionals, Businesses and Organisations.

Our programme includes accessible basic business curricula as well as hands-on support throughout the vulnerable stages of setting up and developing a business.

We also help our clients to identify and access local and European funding opportunities.

Our aim is to improve the impact and profitability of Creative Freelancers and SME's through sector specific, practical, results-oriented and engaging entrepreneurial training, coaching and support in accessing funding.

We believe that tailored Entrepreneurial training is a critical element of every successful and sustainable creative career. We are ambassadors for bringing together the two apparently incompatible spheres of business and creativity to create a vibrant, dynamic culture and economy that supports and promotes creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our aim is to increase the number of creative small businesses in Ireland and Europe and provide them with access to world-class business advice and support in a way that they understand and that will help them succeed.

Our Services:

Entrepreneurial Training

We train Creative Entrepreneurs how to START, DEVELOP and successfully RUN creative businesses. We help Creatives to identify what makes them DIFFERENT and NEEDED to increase their profitability and impact. We strongly believe in EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING which means learning by doing with less theory.

Coaching & Mentoring

Our Coaching and Mentoring services will provide you with EXPERIENCED, INDEPENDENT and PRACTICAL support, in an affordable and convenient way, helping you to find solutions that work for your creative business and allow you to make progress faster and with more focus than you could on your own.

Accessing Funding

We have 16 years of experience in writing and evaluating successful grant proposals for a myriad of Irish and European funding schemes. We specialise in Creative and Cultural funding from H2020, Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens and Erasmus+.  We have also access to all grant databases in Ireland and in the EU.

OK, so now you stand out, what then? Visibility and marketing.

Visibility and marketing OK, so you've made your product or service stand out, what then? Standing out is one thing but without any clients then you're not really standing out, only standing in an empty office.  One thing about standing out is that you need to have...

Something to be said about standing out

There really is something to be said about standing out, for doing something so different that people take notice, by being remarkable.

Know what you want to find out

Ask your clients about a specific problem / question you need an answer to. But be specific in what you are trying about your the outcome you are after

Latest News

The Sound of Silence, The Sound of Nothing at all…

Stepping out into the great unknown, well not really the unknown as I’ve been there a few times before.  These is something about having a regular source of income that gives you a sense of comfort but is it really comfort or just a way of getting through.  A friend of mine said when I mentioned that I had ‘quit’ my job ‘ Life’s too short if you hate the stuff you do.  You can get by with ‘it’s boring, but pays the bills but allows me to do what I really want to do’ but not with ‘I fucking hate this!’ And that’s pretty much were I was with the last project I was working on for the past year full time, so now it’s back to doing more of what I want to do and less of what I don’t want to do. 

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Fear of Failure or failure with fear

You know when you've been waiting for ages for something to happen, something that you have no control over but that something could change your year if it happens in a positive way? Well we had been waiting to hear about 2 major grants that we had applied for, one...

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Old Dog / New Tricks

It's said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, well our 6 year old Bergamasco certainly put that to shame.  At the age of 6 we have 4 new puppies and despite never having been a mum before she is now.  Yes it's true she's had to work at it, some parts came...

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Split projects into manageable chunks

I know this is a very simplified way of managing a project, but how many times have you not even started a project because the project looked too big to handle? – yes me too. So split each project into manageable bite-sized pieces and lets see how we get on!

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Set time to work on your business

How did you get on with your list, are those 5 things ticked off? - I know mine aren't, only 4 of them were completed so far but that's OK, 4 is better than 0 and there is still time left to finish the 5th task, or I could delegate it for Monday morning.... So now...

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Message to self... don't forget your laptop charger.... - something about making notes and referring to them... Yes it's one thing to make a note of something that you are meant to do - like writing down the 5 things to do today and it is a totally separate thing to...

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Write it Down!

It's that time of the day again... What did you do today to work on your creative practice? How about getting a sheet of paper, write tomorrows date on the top of it and list 5 things you need to get sorted tomorrow. Oh and of course the important part, when I ask...

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Entrepreneurship Training Programme for Creatives – Ashford Summer School 2018

Entrepreneurship Training Programme for Creatives Ashford: 27 - 29 July 2018 Early Bird: €200 Standard: €300 This practical 2.5-day Entrepreneurship Training Programme for Creatives has been especially designed for all those who want to set up, run or further develop...

Developing Your Creative Career (Online)

This courses focuses on developing your creative career. It will look at understanding your purpose and passion; identifying your niche and looking at tools to help you refine your niche; as well as looking at what your dream job or career position is

Creative Thinking & Ideation Workshop

Creative Thinking and Co-Creation Techniques Workshop 13 August 2018 Ashford, Co Wicklow 10am - 5.30pm   By using a number of creative thinking techniques we will give practical examples of how you can take ideas from conception to reality. Based around the frameworks...

Creative Business Model Development

Creative Business Model Development 10 September Ashford, Co. WIcklow To run an efficient and profitable business you need to have a sound and working Business Model. In a creative and stimulating way, this workshop will help you to answer all your strategic questions...

Value Propositions: 1 day workshop

Value Proposition Design 15 October 2018 Ashford, Co Wicklow To run any successful business you need a clearly defined VALUE PROPOSITION that explains how your product/service solves your customers’ problem, need or improves their situation. A Value Proposition allows...

Events and Courses

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Know what you want to find out

Ask your clients about a specific problem / question you need an answer to. But be specific in what you are trying about your the outcome you are after

Finding the common denomiator

You have to be open to the idea and have the vision, tenacity and sure bloody-mindedness to carry it through to fruition.

Why you have to start with why

  Last week i mentioned about purpose in your creative practices, well there is also purpose or why in your creative work.. why do you do what you do? What is it that you are trying to highlight, inform, understand, present? Why do you use the medium(s) that you do?...

What are Value Propositions? How can knowing mine help me?

What are Value Propositions? How can knowing mine help me? A robust and impactful value proposition is essential for any business to effectively engage and connect with customers, partners, stakeholders, and critically internal employees, by clearly communicating how...

How can I use the Business Model Canvas?

Why Do We Need To Develop a Creative Business Model Canvas? When Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur wrote Business Model Generation in 2009 they couldn't have imagined all the different applications users would come up with for their Business Model Canvas. In this post...

Exercises and Worksheets

The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models.  It is a visual chart with elements describing a firm's or product's value proposition, infrastructure,...

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Check out the presentations from our recent EU Funding Workshop!

The Centre for Creative Practices and Creative Entrepreneurs Academy were delighted to present this one-off event on the mechanics and policy behind Creative Europe, Creative Europe Media, Erasmus Plus, Europe for Citizens and Horizon2020 – the EU Funding Programmes available to Creative Businesses, Organisations and Projects.

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