Erasmus+ KA1 Training Programme

Courses 2020

The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy
at the Centre For Creative Practices

Erasmus+ KA1 Training Programme 2020

The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy at the Centre For Creative Practices is delighted to offer a series of courses for those working or interested in lifelong learning, continuous development and education via the Erasmus+ KA1 programme.

Our educational offer is focused on providing participants with the tools for professional and personal development. We offer a number of different 7-day long courses aimed at staff of educational & civil society organisations, as well as students, professors, teachers, and trainees who want to undertake a learning experience in a county different to their own.

The courses cover Leadership development, Performance Optimisation, Effective Communication, Creative Thinking, Change Management, Diversity in the workplace and are run in scenic and inspiring locations in Ireland.


The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy at the Centre for Creative Practices believes that education is fundamental to empowering the current and future population of the European Union and to promoting growth, employability, social equity and inclusion.

We encourage you to explore the power of education and personal development, to share good practices among your colleagues and co-workers, and bring back knowledge to your communities, organisations and eco-systems.

We challenge you to inspire and get inspired, to change lives and open minds.

Along with the excellent educational offer and state-of-the-art teaching methodologies The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy at the Centre for Creative Practices includes in our programmes outdoor activities allowing our participants to experience the local culture and nature, a critical element of understanding and learning different cultures.

As you probably know, the Erasmsus+ programme can cover all of the associated costs (course fees, accommodation, travel, food, transfers etc) allowing your organisation to participate in any KA1 courses taking place abroad.

Also, in order to help and support our clients we offer professional service helping to prepare and submit the Erasmus+ KA1 applications.

All that you will have to do is to prepare and submit your application for this funding by the 5th February 2020, 12:00 noon Brussels time.

Client support

Writing a successful project application is not easy. Our team of experienced project writers are here to support you.

Completing the application process with our assistance is much easier than doing it on your own, guaranteeing you a higher rate of success of being approved for funding.

Here is what you need to do:

    • Choose the courses you would like your staff to attend
    • Contact us
    • We will help guide you on how to write your project application. We will also provide you with the text you need for the course descriptions
    • Prepare the project application
    • Send it to us for final evaluation
    • Submit the application to your National Agency by 5th February 2020

We are here to help so please get in contact with us and we will help you with your application.

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