Erasmus+ KA1 Training Programme

Courses 2019/2020

The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy
at the Centre For Creative Practices


New methods of practical entrepreneurial education for Creative and Cultural Freelancers, SMEs, NGOs, Organisation and Creative Project Managers


The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy at the Centre for Creative Practices




Brockagh Resource Centre, Co Wicklow, Ireland
Brockagh Resource Centre, Co Wicklow, Ireland
Brockagh Resource Centre, Co Wicklow, Ireland
Brockagh Resource Centre, Co Wicklow, Ireland


  • Europass Mobility Certificate
  • Certificate of Obtained Competences
  • Certificate of Completion


5-day course for all interested in practical, accessible and inspiring entrepreneurial education and in supporting creative and social entrepreneurs through mentoring and feedback.

The programme includes basic business curricula as well as engaging tools for hands-on support throughout the vulnerable stages of:

  • setting up and developing business,
  • validating early business ideas,
  • reviewing business results, planning for its further growth and improving performance.

We specialise in entrepreneurial training and business support for Creative Professionals, Busi- nesses and Organisations but also recommend this programme is especially to all who do not have any business background as we use world-class business education and support methods that can be easily understood and implemented.

This 5-step entrepreneurial education programme brings together the two apparently incom- patible spheres of business and creativity and can be applied to working with adults as well as youth participants interested in independent, sustainable and rewarding careers and entre- preneurship itself.

Join us for this programme to create together a vibrant, dynamic culture and economy that promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.


Day 1: Introduction. Setting up goal and expectations for the week

  • Purpose & Why – for personal and entrepreneurial growth
  • The formula for success: why, what, how, who
  • Value Proposition & Unique Selling Point

Day 2: 
Target Market & Customer Segments

  • Marketing & Route to Market
  • Business Model Canvas – an excellent tool for developing business models

Day 3: 
How to encourage the development of the long term vision for a project, organisation or business

  • SMART Goals and Growth Metrics – what gets measured gets done!
  • ACTIVITY: Meeting of the local Community, networking, cultural and outdoor activities

Day 4: 
Financial Health of projects, organisations or enterprises.

  • Pitching and presentation skills
  • Pitching and presentation skills – part 2
  • Dealing with and accepting failures and mistakes

Day 5: ACTIVITY: Local excursions – ancient Irish sites – Gendalough, Visitors Centre and walk in the Wicklow National Park


    • Better understanding of the specifics if Creative and Cultural Sectors as well NGOs, social entrepreneurs and running projects or businesses in this environment.
    • User friendly, results-oriented, practical and engaging training in entrepreneurial education improving impact and profitability of freelancers and SMEs.
    • Acquisition of innovative, world-class business development and support tools.
    • Insight in the new entrepreneurial training and mentoring methodology.
    • Participants improve both their teaching skills as well as employability.
    • Participants learn techniques how to creatively deal with failures and mistakes that are part of each innovation.
    • Participants improve their foreign language competences.
    • Participants increase their motivation and satisfaction in supporting aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.
    • Participants expand their professional and personal European network.
    • Personal development, building capacities to face new professional and social challenges, rein- forcing European cooperation, reflecting and exchanging in a European and global context.


E.g. Entrepreneurial Educators and Mentors working with Creative Freelancers and SMEs, NGOs, Social Activists, Career advisers, Business Advisers, Employment Service Advisers, Personal and Business Mentors, Advisers working with clients from similar sectors lacking entrepreneurial education, Youth Leaders, Freelancers, SMEs.


Ian Oliver – Senior manager and entrepreneur and social entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the Creative and Technology Sectors; working with Local Government, Local Enterprise Offices, Universities, Businesses and Community Groups throughout Ireland. Keynote speaker at European conferences including University-Business Forum.

Ian’s experience includes developing and implementing business /career/ marketing strate- gies, marketing, business development, digital media, digital content creation, communications, project management and budgeting, developing business, marketing and digital media strat- egies and implementation, resource management, team development and cohesion, training and training distribution methods for clients, staff and stakeholders.

Currently Ian is working on advising and designing sustainable projects that utilise culture and creativity as the main driver to effect sustainable economic and social change. He also teach- es and mentors artistic and creative entrepreneurship training to adult learners and undergrad- uate students.

Monika Sapielak – Entrepreneur and Innovator with 25 years of work experience as CEO, Manager, Mentor, Educator and Cultural Leader. Monika’s mentoring and coaching expertise includes Creative and social start-ups support, Business Strategy, Value Proposition and USP; Stakeholders Relationships; Fundraising; Audience & Customers’ development; Market research.

Regular guest speaker and lecturer at conferences, in higher education institutions and for the media in Europe and in Ireland that include University Business Forum in San Sebastian; Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, University of Pecs, Hungary, Trinity College Dublin, University Col- lege Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology.

Co-Founder of the Creative Entrepreneurs Academy that provides tailored entrepreneurial training and coaching to freelancers and SMEs from the Creative and Cultural Sectors. Founder & CEO of Art- Connected – a SaaS that matches European Creative Opportunities with Talent. Co-founder and CEO of Centre for Creative Practices focused on integrating, promoting and mentoring migrant, experi- mental and emerging artists. Curator of its yearly flagship event called New Voices of Ireland Series.

Main Awardee of the Arthur Guinness Fund for Social Entrepreneurs in 2012 and recipient of the Merit to Polish Culture awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.