Erasmus+ KA1 Training Programme

Courses 2019/2020

The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy
at the Centre For Creative Practices


Creative Thinking,

Innovation & Entrepreneurship


The Creative Entrepreneurs Academy at the Centre for Creative Practices




Brockagh Resource Centre, Co Wicklow, Ireland
Brockagh Resource Centre, Co Wicklow, Ireland
Brockagh Resource Centre, Co Wicklow, Ireland
Brockagh Resource Centre, Co Wicklow, Ireland


  • Europass Mobility Certificate
  • Certificate of Obtained Competences
  • Certificate of Completion


  • This 5-day training programme aims to introduce trainers to Creative Thinking and facilitating Creative Thinking workshops.Through a series of sessions throughout the week, we will introduce facilitators to a number of tools they can use with students including mapping their ideas, looking at various environ- mental stimuli, target market demographics and economy. We will see how factors that can and cannot be controlled can affect the ideation and testing phase.We will look at a three-stage work-flow taking us from idea generation, through validating the idea and testing. We will look at a three-stage work-flow taking us from idea generation, through validating the idea and testing.By using a number of creative thinking techniques we will give practical examples of how your students can take ideas from conception to reality.

    Idea generation – divergent and convergent thinking

  • Identified new ideas and their critical validation.
  • Developing a specific set of criteria to test ideas based on the desired outcomes.

    Idea validation – how the generated ideas fit the specified criteria.

  • Setting measurement techniques depending on the stated outcomes and accepted toler- ances to identify success or failure.
  • Further investigation of testing methodologies.

    Testing the idea – determining the viability of the ideas.

    Facilitators will learn to instruct students in what to test, how to test and against which sets of criteria ideas should be measured so that they will learn how to test ideas quickly through small, fast experiments without drowning in a sea of data but addressing the problem/solu- tion fit, scale, market and cost and how we should adapt or modify our ideas.

    Participants will be working in groups of 4 – 5 people during the week learning how to get teams involved in creative thinking.

    The course will be accompanied by also a number of field trips and workshops in different environmental situations to see how these affect the thought processes.


Day 1: Course Overview & Introduction – Models and ideation techniques

Day 2: Ideas generation – Divergent Thinking techniques – using different environments and stimuli to generate ideas.

Day 3:  Ideas validation – Convergent Thinking techniques – defining a set of metrics to use to refine the ideas and to develop 1 – 2 ideas to take forward to testing.

Day 4:  Ideas testing – Real World testing workshops – using parts of the lean & business model canvas to test the ideas.

Day 5:Pitching developed ideas – presentations and feedback

ACTIVITY: Local excursions – ancient Irish sites – Gendalough, Visitors Centre and walk in the Wicklow National Park


Learning the process involved in bringing an idea through to application


On completion of this workshop, facilitators will be able to instruct students on:

  • the ability to use three ideation techniques
  • the ability to define sets of metrics on which to base examine the feasibility of their ideas
  • the use of divergent thinking techniques to gather ideas
  • the use of convergent thinking techniques to refine their ideas based on set metrics
  • how different stimuli can affect the ideation process
  • how to perform research on chosen ideas
  • Be able to test ideas in a real-world environment

    Along with the above participants will also:

  • improve both their teaching skills as well as employability
  • learn techniques how to creatively deal with failures and mistakes that are part of innovation
  • improve their foreign language competences
  • expand their professional and personal European network reinforcing European coopera- tion, reflecting and exchanging in a European and global context


Teachers of creative subjects, General trainers and teachers interested in developing creative

thinking for their students, Business development teachers and mentors, Trainers supporting problem-solving skills for their students, leaders and those who train aspiring leaders.


Ian Oliver – Head of Creative Entrepreneurship, Centre for Creative Practices and the Crea- tive Entrepreneurs Academy. Senior manager and entrepreneur and social entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the Creative and Technology Sectors; working with Local Gov- ernment, Local Enterprise Offices, Universities, Businesses and Community Groups throughout Ireland auditing and engaging the artistic and creative community within specific geographic regions. Keynote speaker at European conferences including University-Business Forum.

Currently, Ian is working on advising and designing sustainable projects that utilise art and creativity as the main driver to effect sustainable economic and social change. He also teaches and mentors artistic and creative entrepreneurship training to adult learners and undergraduate students.



“The course was so interactive” – Innovation Academy, Trinity College Dublin

“Was great that we got to work on our own ideas and not just theory” – Springboard Courses for Adult Learners

“Was the second best course I’ve been on!”