From the Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy


“Nothing is born into this world without labour.”




  • struggling with your strategy
  • forming a clear mission for your organisation
  • need help with your funding applications
  • want some input into your creative programming
  • need to put together a budget,
  • have problems with the governance or the legal structure
  • have a project you need help with
  • struggling to find your Why
  • want to talk to someone who knows the creative sector?

Then talk to us, we are here to help


Our entire training is based on EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING which means it’s mostly learning by doing with less theory.

We help creatives to identify what makes them both DIFFERENT and NECESSARY as these two well-defined increase their profitability and impact.

We teach Creatives how to plan and run successful creative business, how to create great value for their customers or audiences in their own, unique way, how to deliver work that people desire in a smart, creative and profitable way?

In all this we are not talking about selling out.

We are talking about selling your work as every other professional does without feeling guilty about it!


“Effective coaching builds awareness and removes the excuses. Coaching will help you replace those excuses and limiting beliefs with empowering dreams, and boost your self-confidence. Coaching can help you identify your values, discover your “why,” set goals, increase your self-esteem, and find a balance in life and business.”

― Farshad Asl, The “No Excuses” Mindset: A Life of Purpose, Passion, and Clarity

“A good Coach asks great questions to help you remove the obstacles in your mind and to get you back on track in life”

“Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.” Napoleon Hill

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” Douglas H. Everett


We started in 2013 the Creative Entrepreneurs Academy as part of the Centre for Creative Practices. Since then the Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy has provided training / mentoring and strategy consulting to over 1000 individuals and organisations.

in 2016 we held training programmes in Dublin, Wicklow, Shannon, Dun Laoghaire as well as travelling throughout Europe with it to work with festivals and conferences in UK, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Denmark and Hungary. It amazes us every time the enthusiasm, engagement and clarity the programme generates with participants, who even after the long and demanding weekend come out inspired and ready to embrace their creative dreams.

We have been invited to give presentations by the European Commission, the Slovak Government, Intertrade Ireland and fine art and music departments in the University of Pécs, DIT, University of the Basque Country and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn.

In November we were invited to represent Ireland at the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen to showcase ArtConnected our online platform that matches Creative Talent with Opportunities.

We have been asked to participate in discussions to help form governmental policy and also European policy on Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship.  We have worked with a number of Local Enterprise Offices throughout Ireland such as our good friends in Wicklow, Dublin, Dun Laoghaire & Rathdown, Clare, Leitrim and Donegal as well as with the South Eastern Creative Corridor Project and the Shannon Venue development project.

We are working closely wth a number of institutions on including creative entrepreneurship into higher and further educational teaching of creative disciplines; building the Creative Entrepreneurs Academy; developing Irelands first incubator and accelerator programme dedicated to the creative industries and working on a new and updated model of the Business Model Canvas that is specific for the creative sector.

We have met some incredible people doing some incredible things and hopefully the work we have done with them on the entrepreneurial side of their creative business will give them the living conditions they are looking for.  We have also worked with educational institutions on helping graduates and post graduates to look at building sustainable careers through working in the creative sector.

And finally we have spent more time on airplanes going in odd directions than we can both remember for a long time, like having breakfast in Bratislava, lunch in Madrid and Dinner in Dublin or arriving in Pécs at 4.30am having travelled through the night from Copenhagen to give a presentation that same day!!

A busy and exciting 2017 awaits us all in the Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy, one that we are looking forward to and on continuing the journey we have been on so far.


Monika Sapielak

CEO ArtConnected & Founder of the Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy

Award-winning Artistic Director, Curator, Arts Manager, Producer, Social Entrepreneur and CEO with 25 years of work experience in the Arts.
Special interests include: Interculturalism, Participatory Arts, Multidisciplinary Arts Programmes, Transnational Artistic Programmes and Collaborations, Artistic Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Arts Sector.
Strongly dedicated to developing and presenting artistic programmes that are inclusive, socially engaged, supporting integration of migrant, experimental and emerging artists as well increasing participation of disadvantaged members of society.

Ian Oliver

Head of Artistic & Creative Entrepreneurship, Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy

Ian has over 15 years’ senior management and entrepreneurial experience in the Arts, creative and technology Sectors and 4 years’ experience working with Local Government, Local Enterprise Offices, Local Arts Offices, Arts Organisations and Venues, Universities, Businesses and Community Groups throughout Ireland, auditing and engaging the artistic and creative community within specific geographic regions.

Currently Ian is working on advising and designing sustainable projects that utilise art and creativity as the main driver to effect sustainable economic and social change.  He also teaches and mentors artistic and creative entrepreneurship training to adult learners and undergraduate students.