Its Monday morning and I’m looking to hit the ground running… that’s the plan anyhow. So today I’ve spent the first part of the journey going through my list of 5 things I have to do today or at least the 5 to-dos from the 5 projects that I have to do today.

My 5 projects are to complete promote the opportunities and user profiles on ArtConnected, get out more promotion and marketing for the Creative Entrepreneurs Summer School in July to get more people signed up (had some sign-ups over the weekend but need to push it more), write a proposal for an organisation looking to contract us to provide creative entrepreneurial training for migrant and culturally diverse artists in Eastern Ireland and complete the kennels website,

Now these are all 5 major projects and without splitting them down into separate tasks it will be incredibly difficult to complete, let alone to complete them all today. So what I have done is to write out 5 tasks that I need to complete today – 1 for each project – these tasks, once completed will radically move that project on and then tomorrow – providing I have the information back – I can move forward with another task for each project tomorrow. Now this makes each project manageable.

I know this is a very simplified way of managing a project, but how many times have you not even started a project because the project looked too big to handle? – yes me too. So split each project into manageable bite-sized pieces and lets see how we get on!

So my 5 tasks

1 – put 2 posts on Facebook / linkedin / twitter asking people to put their opportunities on ArtConnected
2 – put 2 posts on Facebook – especially interest groups pages – / linkedin / twitter telling them about the summer school
3 – contact Shelia who runs the venue for the summer school to confirm the venue
4 – scope out the training programme in a rough format – put down initial dates and times
5 – add the text to the Our Story section of the kennels website.