Processing negative reviews – even more from Seth Godin

Assumption: Some people love what you do. They love your product, your service, the way you do your work (if that’s not true, this post isn’t for you. You have a more significant problem to work on first).

So, how to understand it when someone hates what you do? When they post a one-star review, or cross the street to avoid your shop, or generally are unhappy with the very same thing that other people love?

It’s not for them.

They want something you don’t offer. Or they want to buy it from someone who isn’t you. Or they don’t understand what it’s for or how or why you do it.

Some of these things you can address by telling a story more clearly, some you can’t.

Either way, right now, they’re telling you one thing: It’s not for them.

Okay, thanks for letting us know.

A Little Bit...

A little bit of help for a new way of thinking

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Decision making, after the fact

Oh it’s so easy to be wise after the event or so they say….. not saying this about Seth but as we see critics, people, workers etc are eager to pick apart complex decisions made by others.

Prime Ministers, CEOs, even football coaches are apparently serially incompetent. If they had only listened to folks who knew precisely what they should have done, they would have been far better off.

Of course, these critics have a great deal of trouble making less-complex decisions in their own lives. They carry the wrong credit cards, buy the wrong stocks, invest in the wrong piece of real estate.


All those meetings you have tomorrow–they were just cancelled. The boss wants you to do something productive instead.

What would you do with the time? What would you initiate?

If it’s better than those meetings were going to be, why not cancel them?

This is not just about the NOW but the FUTURE – it takes time to build relationships but those relationships are only worth building if there is an end result that is more important than doing something else.

Who are we writing for?

who are we writing for, is it an audience or a machine?

We seem to have lost the art of writing, certainly the art of writing for humans to read.  As Seth Godin writes today on his blog post ‘More and more, we create our work to be read by a machine’ and he’s right, we have lost that power to inform in a language that we can understand. We either write for 140 characters, 550 characters or something that can be read by a spider.  

Creative Business Development Survey

Creative Business Development Survey – We want you to have the type of creative business that you want. One that reaches the impact and the levels of sustainability you want to achieve. However sometimes we all need help and by answering our short survey we are hoping that we will be able to help you reach your goals.

Make a list

a great day to get that notebook out and make a list of all the things you want to achieve this week, which are the most important and which require more thinking space than others....  List them in order and then critically DO THEM!!!!!   A Little Bit... A little bit...

You cannot do anything unless you have a customer

You cannot do anything unless you have a customer

You cannot do anything unless you have a ‘CUSTOMER’
Start by recognising that your true job is to create a customer (not your solution).
Now a customer is someone / somebody / something that gives you an exchange for the item you have produced so not just money but could be funding / barter – as long as it has a value that YOU consider the item is worth…. but unless someone else other than you think’s that what you do is important then you don’t have a viable product…

Derail yourself!

Derail yourself!
Tracks are useful to follow when you don’t have the flow….. loose the tracks, break-free… DERAIL yourself!!!! 

The Journey is not the solution

The Journey is not the solution

I know we seem to be putting out a number of ideas and thoughts over the last week or so but what we are trying to do is to get you into a new way of thinking about your creative output. We are not trying to change the output but to make you aware that you need to think about why you are doing something what you are doing in each case, how that fits in with your why and how you (the action plan) are you going to get to the end of that project – to the what) Because we have seen far too many times people (as people have ideas not organisations) have a great idea or start on a great project but completely forget about the solution (the why and the what), they get so me consumed by the process, the journey that they never make it to the end of the project, therefore they never satisfy their what or their why and by default they don’t satisfy themselves or the people they are doing it for… . why do something if it doesn’t have an impact?


Multitasking Multitasking doesn't work!!!!! Honest.... it doesn't...and to prove it... 🙂 Contrary to what some people believe, multi-tasking is rarely an effective way to be productive, especially not when it comes to mentally taxing work. Not only that, but it's...

Make a list!

Make a list   a great day to get that notebook out and make a list of all the things you want to achieve this week, which are the most important and which require more thinking space than others.... List them in order and then critically DO THEM!!!!! A little bit of...

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