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It’s been a little while since I was on the 6.30am train out of Wicklow for Connelly but now officially summer is over as its back to college for real.  Last weeks little expedition was only a precursor to the rest of the autumn but also a nice gentle break-in as it was the 7.30 train and not the 6.30 train.  Mind you I can’t really complain much as it is only once per week this term on this train and not the 5 days per week it was last term. You forget how dark it is at 6.30 even in September, I mean we are only the middle of the month but still now at 6.46 you can only just make out the shapes of the mountains through the window.

Last time we looked at setting up your runway, marking out on a sheet of paper the various places you wanted to be within the year and the tasks you needed to complete in order to reach them. How did you get on with that? I mean we are nearly a month into the year and so a number of the tasks probably should have or need completion ASAP.  I know from myself that I haven’t necessarily completed a number of the tasks I set myself in regards to my original destination but what it did do was allowed me to focus on a number of other issues that needed addressing, issues that I had let slip or had just plainly ignored but issues that weren’t going to go away.  And so a number of things have changed since the end of July and mostly, in fact without doubt, changed for the better. So while the goals might have changed a number of the posts haven’t.


What putting my yearly plan did we that it allowed me to take stock, to give clarity to the place i was in and to really see what was important to me.  One thing that was critical to me was working with creatives and to this end we are working with the Creative Business Cup in Denmark and will represent them in Ireland for 2018 and 2019.  This will hopefully give us greater visibility but also places greater strain on our resources but one that we feel is worth it.  We are planning to launch the whole initiative by the end of October once we have finally scoped out the strategic plan for it. Again, by planning out the project on paper and seeing the end result of the project its allowed us to determine the tasks that needed to be completed in order to reach our goal.

Another thing that planning out your future does for you is that it shows you how and the best way to manage your time. Sometimes we say yes to everything but sometimes we need to say no.  This is especially true with project based work, it can be so easy to get stuck in and working on the project that we forget the need to look at the time when the project has finished. We always need to keep looking at the next opportunity but in order to do this we need to give ourselves time to work on our own business and not just on someone else business. To be honest this is one part where I am struggling at the moment. I have a couple of major projects that take up almost 6 days per week of my time, full time, and I also have a number of other projects that I could / should / would like to work on but basically I physically do not have the time or the resources to at this stage.  However, if I planned these projects better then I am sure that there would be no issue in starting them in January 2019 or plan them to start in January 2019.  If the situation keeps as it is over that time then this would be the time to reassess the situation and see if I can take these projects forward or if I would need to delegate these projects to other people.  The main problem with this is that the people i delegate them to would almost certainly be from outside the organisation which then makes it difficult to push the focus from the Creative Entrepreneurs Lab but at least my scoping out these projects now I can give myself time to look at these issues and think about creative solutions to them.

I would really encourage you to scope out all the projects that you have, plan or have ideas about but to scope them out sooner rather than later.  Then put all the tasks into a calendar or project management tool and see how time fits and what resources you might need and when – and as an aside don’t forget that resources can be human, physical or virtual as this might make it easer when you think about time management. The sun is now starting to come up as we make our way towards Dublin, a bit like the light that I started to shine on my projects from July.  I’m not fighting in the dark anymore but looking at – even if sometimes we don’t like what we see – but looking at my plans, projects and tasks in the clear cold light of day.



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Goals and Posts

It's been a little while since I was on the 6.30am train out of Wicklow for Connelly but now officially summer is over as its back to college for real.  Last weeks little expedition was only a precursor to the rest of the autumn but also a nice gentle break-in as it...

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