Creative Thinking and Co-Creation Techniques Workshop

13 August 2018
Ashford, Co Wicklow
10am – 5.30pm


By using a number of creative thinking techniques we will give practical examples of how you can take ideas from conception to reality. Based around the frameworks of  PO statements to “Yes, and…” we will look to develop out of the box creative solutions for real World problems.  We will look at a three stage work-flow taking us from idea generation, through validating the idea and testing.

We will look at a three stage work-flow taking us from idea generation, through validating the idea and testing.

1 – Idea generation – using divergent and convergent thinking – looking at the differences between divergent and convergent thinking to firstly identify new ideas and secondly to look critically at each idea to see if they fit specific criteria. Developing a specific set of criteria through which we can test each idea based on the desired outcomes. This is a continuation of the workshop we conducted last time but spending a lot more time on the convergent thinking element and how we filter the ideas generated.

2 – Idea validation – looking at how the generated ideas fit the specified criteria.  We will also discuss what we should measure depending on the stated outcomes and what tolerances have we set to identify success or failure.  We will look at a number of testing methodologies in order to test each idea to see if the idea is viable. What resources do we need, what help we need, how the idea fits in with our customer segments and value propositions.

3 – Testing the idea – using the selected parts of the business model canvas and the lean business canvas to determine if any idea is deemed viable by using the criteria we have developed.  Looking at what to test, how to test and against which sets of criteria the ideas should be measured prior to developing an investors pitch or looking for external funding. One of the critical parts of this section would be how we can adapt or modify ideas.  It is also critical that students learn how to test ideas quickly through small, fast experiments without drowning in a sea of data but addressing the  problem / solution fit, scale, market and cost.

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  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Price: Full – €250
  • Early Bird – €150

The programme is 100% attendance, the number of participants is limited to 15

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The Tutors & Speakers

The Tutors & Speakers

Monika Sapielak

Co-Founder of the Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy

Entrepreneur and Innovator with 25 years of work experience as CEO, Manager, Cultural Leader, Mentor & Educator.

Regular guest speaker and lecturer at conferences, in higher education institutions and for the media in Europe and in Ireland. Monika’s recent talks include University Business Forum, in Oct’16 in San Sebastian; Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, University of Pecs, Hungary, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology.

Monika’s mentoring and coaching expertise includes Start-up support,  Business Strategy, Value Proposition and USP, Stakeholders Relationships, Fundraising, EU Funding – grant writing and grant applications’ review, Audience  & Customers’ base development, Market research.

Recipient of the Merit to Polish Culture awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland as well as Main Awardee of the Arthur Guinness Fund.

Ian Oliver

Head of Creative Entrepreneurship, Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy

Ian has over 15 years’ senior management and entrepreneurial experience in the Arts, creative and technology Sectors and 4 years’ experience working with Local Government, Local Enterprise Offices, Local Arts Offices, Arts Organisations and Venues, Universities, Businesses and Community Groups throughout Ireland, auditing and engaging the artistic and creative community within specific geographic regions.

Currently Ian is working on advising and designing sustainable projects that utilise art and creativity as the main driver to effect sustainable economic and social change.  He also teaches and mentors artistic and creative entrepreneurship training to adult learners and undergraduate students.

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