Creative & Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy

Launching 31 March 2017!








The Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy's three main areas of activities:

Sustainability in the Creative Sector


We feel that a sustainable creative sector produces strong economic and social growth, which in turn leads to increased engagement, greater public awareness and shows the importance of the creative sector. One of the ways we can achieve this is through education of creatives, artists, professionals, SME's and organisations.

Innovation in the Arts


At the Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy we are always looking at innovative ways technology can improve the lives of creatives, artists and the creative sector. Our first project is a new an innovative online platform, ArtConnected, which will make collaboration, engagement and discovery a lot easier and enhance artistic practices.


Advocacy & Research


At the Creative and Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy we provide research backed data to help discover what a sustainable creative Sector needs.  The only way that we can advocate for change is to find out about the needs of creatives and artists and make sure that the findings are put into practice.